About Us

Where it all started

We believe that you should be outside with your children as much as possible!

When, in early 2020, Covid-19 hit our society hard, we all ended up inside. The places where we often and happily came with our children, which we knew well, closed from one day to the next. Outside these places, the schools and day care facilities also closed. This caused a lot of anger and misunderstanding in society, but resulted in new possibilities in daily care and education.

Renewed knowledge about the place where you live, the city or the beach taught us how much satisfaction you get from a walk with your little ones. During this long period and several lockdowns, we have rediscovered the nature around us, the empty cities, the harsh beaches and other areas that we might have forgotten because of our busy daily life.

What we learned

We believe that you can enjoy with and with your children enormously while keeping them supported and safe with you.

As we walked through those forests, we discovered more and more that our children really want to go out on their own, want to discover for themselves, but just need that arm every now and then. But often wanted to run again. We also found out that it is not a choice for your little one, it is just a process of learning to walk. By using different baby carriers, belly carriers, back carriers that can grow with your child, we found out that these are all developed from the carrying principle, from the baby. None have been developed from the toddler. Little Knives and Toddlers want to run, walk, crawl and play and go on adventures whenever they want. But every now and then they need a place to rest before they can set off for the next adventure. And where better than on the arm of your father or mother?

Unfortunately, those arms don't always have the strength or stamina to carry on. And that is how the Wildride was conceived. A child carrier which offers you a simple, light, small but trendy solution to always carry your little one.

What we came up with!

We believe we have created a kid-friendly experience.

The Wildride, the toddler swing carrier, was developed with the idea of offering your child love and affection. And at the same time to offer you comfort as a parent when you have to. 

The Wildride is produced in the Netherlands by people at a distance from the labor market.

Who we are?

First, we are loving parents.

Wildride is the creation of Britt Schoorl and Joost Hultink, a Dutch duo with several decades of experience in fashion, marketing and e-commerce. But more important than anything, experience with children! Britt, mother of two, has a broad career as head of design for a well-known fashion brand. Father of three, Joost has a diverse career in advertising, e-commerce and marketing for different brands.

Our mission

We want to make every trip with your little one as pleasant as possible, so that you can always enjoy it as much as possible!